I am so thankful you have stopped by to find out more about my offerings! While I mainly work in the Southwest and California. I have also seen the beauty of weddings from backyards to the beautiful beaches in Curaçao!



Someday, you will Want
To pull out your wedding
Album and show your
children timeless imagery
from your wedding.


one of the most important days

Your wedding day is the start OF

of your lives together

In my opinion, investing in your photographer is the most important part of your wedding day experience! After your wedding day, your flowers will be gone, your dress will boxed, and your guests will go home and life moves onward. 

Your wedding photographs are one of the only lasting things that you will be able to look at on a daily basis and remember the fun, laughter and happiness from that day! Someday, you will be able to pull out your wedding album and show your children, and eventually your grandchildren. Choosing the right photographer to create these lasting and timeless memories and moments from your wedding day is so important!

let's document 


Shayla currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and travels all over the United States and the world for weddings! From backyards to the beaches of Curaçao, she has documented love stories from all over.

All collections include Shayla as your main photographer, an associate photographer, online gallery to view and share your photos, and a USB drive packaged in a beautiful box with a curated set of fine art film prints.

Elopement and small wedding packages (30ppl or less) available and are curated based on each inquiry.


Large and small weddings, elopements please inquire within for a custom price quote

Most couples spend between $2500 and $5000
 with Shayla for large weddings. 

No. 1

You are looking to hire a experienced photographer. This is not my first rodeo! I have been a professional wedding photographer since 2010! Since then I have photographed well over 500 weddings. I have seen and heard it all! I have valuable knowledge and have been coined a 'fixer' on wedding days because I can honestly fix anything under pressure! I want every single couple who graces my lens to be absolutely blown away by the experience I provide. 

No. 2

Over the past decade I have had the honor of photographing so many beautiful, scenic weddings. I have refined my craft down to a literal science and have really honed in on my skills. I want to tell a story of your day and to do that, a consistent, memorized shot list in my head is what has really "made" my business strong! I don't miss shots or moments, and typically over deliver to clients because I want them to relive every single moment from their special day!

No. 3

I photograph weddings with both medium format cameras and also digital cameras! Why? Film, unlike digital, offers a certain authenticity that digital just cannot reproduce. Its light, airy, whimsical and gives a very luxury feel upon holding your very own film photographs. Film has given me the freedom to really stop and analyze the shoot and decide what poses, details, intimate moments I want captured on medium format. After a decade of strickly digital, I have welcomed this new phase into my business! It has set me apart from the others and film, truly, feels more natural to me! 




Starting at $900

All sessions include Shayla as your photographer, an online gallery to easily view, share and order your photos, as well as, digital downloads of your collection to instantly share and admire. 

fine art portraiture


           should you 
hire shay?

No. 4

My work!

This probably should be the #1 reason, but my work speaks for itself! I have spent countless hours refining my editing style to create consistent, beautiful, instagram worthy galleries! I strive to have in your gallery be 'instagram worthy' meaning it is photographed in camera with the proper settings for the given lighting situation, curated, edited, and given its proper place with in the gallery. When people look through your gallery who did not attend your wedding, I want them to feel as though they were there! 

No. 5

You want me there!

I have valuable knowledge and have been coined a 'fixer' on wedding days because I can honestly fix anything under pressure! From busted zippers, broken heel, and even-bird poo on your dress! I have seen, heard and fixed it all! I want every single couple who graces my lens to be absolutely blown away by the experience I provide. It's like having your own personal friend, therapist, and wedding planner all in one! One of my biggest claims to fame are my detail shots. I am very detail oriented and will take the extra time to fix your hair, his bowtie, fluff your flowers, your dress, all to ensure perfect shots from the start! The exclusive experience I provide my couples with leaves them with endless amounts of beautiful and timeless memories that last a lifetime!


Hand crafted italian albums

Our albums are handcrafted Italian wedding albums built in the beautiful rolling hills of Italy. Adorned with a beautiful crystal photo cover and supple leather, these albums are one of a kind keepsakes that will last lifetime!

Each heirloom album comes with a custom handmade keepsake box for storage and safe keeping when not in use! 

Also available for purchase are parent albums
 and mini size albums! Exact replicas of your wedding album except miniature!
Perfect gifts for friends and family! 

Starting at $1350

Are you ready to invest in the most important part of your wedding day? 

Yes, Please!

beautiful and timeless wedding portraiture that will last a lifetime

"Your wedding photos will be your most cherised possession in support of your marriage."


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