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I have done my very best to find all your most asked questions and post them with answers here! I want complete transparency between myself and my ideal clients! I want you to feel completely comfortable entering into this experience with me! It is not only a big investment, but it is also a personal one. I will be with you for your entire wedding day! It is so very important to me that You and Me ~jive~ If you know what I mean... we need to be sympatico, enjoy each other's company, laugh a lot, and above all, trust. You need to trust my expertise, my knowledge, talent, and eye. I may put you in weird locations, but trust me! My ultimate goal on your wedding day is to make you look the absolute best you can!! 

This is the only place on my website where you will see me brag! I am a very humble person and do not like to tout my own horn, but below, I am answering these questions with raw, unscripted, real answers!

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Will you be the photographer to shoot our wedding?

Generally, yes! I rarely ever double book weddings! Why did I say that? Well, with the impact of Covid on the wedding world, there have been instances where I have already booked a wedding for a certain day and another couple has wanted that same day... I let the couple who wanted to book that this is the situation, and I am expected to be at another wedding that day. They still decided to double book (it was the only day their church could do it).. And I sent my staff photographer, Paul Porras, to photograph their wedding day! I still edited the images he shot and delivered the images under my brand. In summary, no, I generally do not double book, however, certain situations may arise where I may have to juggle more than one wedding (which is something I can do in my sleep!). 

How many other weddings will you book that weekend?

Usually only one. However, yes, if I am given the opportunity to book 2 beautiful weddings in a weekend, I do it!! Why? Well, why not? It is not only an opportunity to photograph another beautiful wedding, but also, get wonderful content for me to use, meet two more wonderful people in this big world, and of course, make extra money! ;)

Will you have assistants or another photographer with you on our day?

Yes! Generally, I shoot every wedding with a second photographer. This photographer may be Paul, a former mentee who has started his own business, but still shoots with or for me when needed! It could also be my wonderful husband Rhys, who is not only my incredible second half, but an established, award winning photographer! He's also Emmy Nominated for a Op-doc he filmed for the New York Times! As far as assistants, yes, I tend to bring a third person to help with miscellaneous things on the wedding day and also do social media things through out the wedding day! 

Why are you/photography so expensive?

One of my life long goals is to help reshape the way society views photography and photographers! People who are on my level, doing photography full time as their main source of income, have put in at least 5 or more years (usually 10 or more) and have really honed in on their craft, we know who our ideal client is, we know where we want to photograph weddings, we know exactly how to run a wedding day. WE ARE THE ONES you want on your wedding day because I make your day easy, seamless, fun, and most importantly, memorable. I provide you with not only a service, but more importantly, an experience! I only take a certain amount of weddings a year so that I can provide a boutique, one of a kind luxury experience for every single couple that chooses to include me on their day! I want you to feel special, to feel beautiful, sexy, empowered, and comfortable in front of the camera! My inviting and funny personality makes a photo shoot feel as though we are all just hanging out and laughing and I am just taking photos along the way! 

On this level of photography, I have a surplus of photography gear, and with every wedding that gear depreciates, and no-I don't upgrade my gear unless I absolutely have to! I get attached and remember all the fun times we had! Lol. I also have years of expertise, training, mentoring, teaching, coaching, and building a brand. 

In summary, yes, you can expect a luxury wedding photographer to be expensive because you are hiring someone to not only document one of the most important days in your life, but you are also buying into an experience, that only I can provide! 

Do you shoot film or digital?

Both! I am a 'hybrid' wedding photographer, which means, I shoot with both mediums. A majority of your wedding is shot with my Canon DSLR (digital full frame camera). And then I like to shoot a roll or two of film at every wedding! It gives such pretty pretty portraiture that cannot be replicated digitally AND! You get hard copy, actual photo prints to hold after the fact! Photography was invented literally to produce images on a piece of paper! Photos, especially wedding photos, are meant to be viewed on something tangible...(not your phone or computer!) I encourage all my couples to purchase a wedding album or two or three! To commemorate their beautiful day! 

Who is your ideal couple?

I hate using the word 'client'.. yes, you are my client, but over the course of working together for sometimes a year or more, we become friends! Maybe we follow each other on social media (yes, please!!) and you follow my personal life journey, watch my daughter grow, etc... I've tried coining the word 'frients' lol.. (clients+friends). Anyways, why am rambling on about this? Well, my ideal couple are people who enjoy life! They laugh a lot, they are funny, educated, easy going, authentic, humble, genuine. On your wedding day, I want you to feel as though we have been friends forever and I am just there to take photos! When my couples experience their wedding day with me, every single one thanks me at the end of the day for making it truly memorable and a one of a kind experience! They are so thankful they hired me, even if I was initially out of their budget! As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." 

I want couples who value photography and understand that photography is a luxury. After they have chosen their venue and date, photography is THE NUMBER ONE next thing on their list AND-Bonus points for the ones who have been following me and my photography journey and KNOW they absolutely "HAVE TO HAVE SHAYLA!" On their day! Couples who are serious and want to book with me generally will contact me right after they are engaged and request a list of dates I am already booked and then will select their wedding day based off of what I have available. 

Lastly, I want couples who will continue to bring me back for all of their lifetime milestones! Many, if not all actually (8 out of 10) couples hire me back for family, maternity, baby photos years after their wedding day! THIS-this reason alone-is why I do what I do! I love documenting all your milestones! I love watching newlyweds grow and learn to do life together! I love watching them grown their family and capture everything in between! 

Does this sound like you?? Well what are you waiting for??!! 

Can we see the raw unedited photos?

Unfortunately, no. Images not selected for editing are not archived and therefore not available for viewing or purchase. Images that are not selected for editing are absolute duplicates, blurry, blinking, or uncle Bob walking in front of the camera etc. I promise, I don't put an image count on my delivery. I just deliver ALL of the best of the best! Most couples from an 8 hour wedding day get on average 600-800 photos, sometimes more, it just depends on your wedding day!  

When do we receive our wedding photos?

The editing process after your wedding is lengthy because I edit all of my images myself. If your wedding is in peak wedding season, which for me, is June-October, you can anticipate at least a 8-10 week waiting period for your photos. However, my contract covers me up to 4 months after your wedding, just in the event something comes up, my computer needs repair, etc.. Life happens! I do provide sneaks within 72 hours of your wedding day for you to share and post! 

Do you travel?

Heck ya! Of course! I absolutely LOVE stretching my wings and traveling to new destinations for weddings! I had my first international wedding back in 2018 in CuraƧao and it was such a stunning and beautiful wedding! I also love road trips and driving to weddings! Photographing scenery along the way! Yes! Please bring me to your wedding! 

What is your booking process?

Woohoo! Let's get you on my calendar! Normally, my booking process looks like this: After your initial inquiry I will send you a personalized video email saying hi and asking you a few questions to get started! I also will ask to set up a zoom or FaceTime call so that you can meet me and I can meet you! Making sure we click and have a great relationship is really important to me because I am with you every step of the wedding day! We will also use this time to chat more about your wedding vision, what you are looking for, what your needs are in a collection, etc.. Once you have decided to hire me to capture all of your memories, I will generate a custom proposal for you to look over, which is delivered via email and is electronic. After you look over the proposal, read through the contract, my online client management system will prompt you to electronically sign the contract! Once you have signed you will be able to make your first payment! You can also set up auto pay so that your monthly payments are drafted automatically! My booking process is extremely streamlined and smooth! 

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