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I started my business in 2010 and I have been fortunate to meet so many amazing couple’s who trust my skills to capture their story on one of the most important days of their lives! Being a wedding photographer is truly the most fulfilling career I can think of! From the very beginning, when I meet a couple for the first time, and continue through the planning process up until the wedding day, I am there start to finish. I love helping with the planning process as much as I can! Many couples ask for referrals and questions in other areas of the wedding planning process and it truly is so humbling that they trust my judgement!

After the wedding, many of my clients become friends, and we keep up with each other on social media! The most rewarding part is when they return a couple years later for maternity or baby photos! I absolutely LOVE being apart of all the major milestones in their lives! 

A few more facts about me


Six... Yes 6 years ago I was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Violet!She is the love of my life! She is so smart, funny, BUSY and loving little angel. Never met a stranger either! Lol.
She also shares a love for photography and enjoys being photographed too (obviously! both parents are togs!).
I envision her growing up and being some sort of creative/artist/performer!
She is so bright and has so many wonderful thoughts and ideas! I cannot wait to see where my angel baby goes in life! 


my family life

I am a firm believer in the beauty and raw image produced by film. There is something so dreamy, clean, and tangible with film. When cameras were first created, they were meant to commemorate memories and people...actual photographs to hold in your hand and hang on the wall! These days, with digital photography in abundance, actual photographs are rare these days. Newer generations are printing less and less, and even though they aren't. thinking of it now, they will wish they had photos printed later in life! Maybe you took a cool photo on a hiking trail with a huge moose! Print it! On the beaches of Hawaii seeing Orca whales? Print it! Film photography is not dead! It is still very much alive! During covid, I decided to up my game and move into the medium format world with a Hasselblad 500c/m. The first time the shutter clicked I was hooked! That glorious medium format sound was incredible! 


film is not dead!

I am a third generation Womanpreneur!
My grandma started a drive-in diner in her hometown back in 1956 when women owned businesses were unheard of!
My mom started her advertising business in Albuquerque in 1985 and is still up and running and is the longest woman-owned advertising business in NM! 


i'm a natural entrepreneur

I actually just got married recently as well! February 27, 2021 I said I do to my best friend and partner in crime! Rhys (pronounced Reese) is the most wonderful man, husband, and father! He keeps me laughing every day and loves me for every part of who I am as a person! I feel so lucky every single day to have found someone who shares my same passions, loves and desires! He is also a photographer and second shoots with me on wedding days! If he is not second shooting, then he is filming your wedding! Did I mention he is Emmy Nominated? 


Our wedding day!

Photo by Blue Rose Studios

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Wedding photographers also want to get to know their prospective couples! It helps us gauge whether we will get along well and be a good fit! Every photographer has an 'ideal clientele.' This ideal client has been carefully thought out by the photographer. Who you are, Where your wedding is, How you want to run your wedding day are all factors taken into account when you first speak with a photographer! We are your shadow on your wedding day, and it is very important (especially for me!) that we are EACH OTHERS' Ideal match! Here are a few characteristics that describe the ideal client for me! 


The most important quality about my ideal client is a couple who value my work and give me the honor of being present on such a sacred, personal day. They trust me, giving me the freedom to do what i need to do which is crucial not only for them to relax and not worry, but for me to get as free, intuitive and creative as I can be! I want my clients to be in love with my work! I want my style to deeply resonate with their own vision for their day that it feels like we were meant to be! 


Whether in a remote destination or a small southern town, my dream clients are those who are willing; willing to be themselves and allow me the opportunity to do what I do best: Creating beautiful photographs for them!


My dream clients are all amazing! And I have been blessed with so many wonderful clients over the past 11 years. Usually they are people from creative backgrounds or artists themselves. They tend to connect with my work because the aesthetic suits their style. Some past couples have said that my personality can be felt in the images. They are often laid back, have great taste and their weddings end up looking elegant and original. 

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