Top 5 Tips for Planning a Big Wedding!

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Big weddings are back, and the nuptial boom of 2022 means couples and their families are facing big bills for celebrations. Couples are holding events with larger guest lists, reverting to form after a wave of smaller pandemic gatherings, planners and venue managers say. Planning a big wedding has its own set of challenges and demands, but it’s not impossible. With some patience and effort, you can plan a wedding that lives up to your dreams while staying within your budget and having fun along the way! Here are 5 tips that will help you achieve your goals when planning a big wedding!

Time, Time and More Time!

It’s one of life’s most precious commodities and it can be frittered away so easily. One of our top tips for planning a big wedding is to give yourself plenty of time to plan, and to keep organised! This is particularly crucial when you take on multiple roles as a couple. Find an hour each day or schedule your days off to get all that you need done. Ensure you have dates set aside with family members and those who will help create the dream day for you both. Start checking out venues at least six to twelve months before your expected date—you don’t want to be stressed about seating arrangements come deadline time! However, keep in mind that the best of the best wedding vendors and venues typically book out 12-18 months in advance!

Venue Management

The number of attendees at any one event depends on a variety of factors, from how much you’re willing to spend to how many family members and friends you wish to invite. Before reaching out to caterers, photographers and other vendors, think about how big you want your wedding to be; doing so will help determine your budget and what kind of space you need.

Also, I can’t stress it enough! Hire a wedding planner! Even if your venue comes with a planner, you still want your OWN planner who will be focused on solely your wedding! I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been photographing a wedding at a big hotel on a prime wedding day and the hotel planner is stressed out because they are juggling 3, 4, or 5 weddings on the same day! No-you need and deserve to have your own planner who will be there for you all day-not just in and out!

Hiring a planner will not only help you stay on budget, but planners can help find vendors, venues, details, etc that will help you stay on track.

Catering Planning

Whether your venue hosts the food, or you have to hire out and have it brought in, food is such a bittersweet topic. You can’t please everyone right? Remember, your guests are their to share in the memory of your love, and they are also there for the food! So what am I really trying say? Stay in the middle, you don’t need the most expensive cuisines at your reception dinner tables, but you need GOOD cuisine! People will remember the food from your wedding day and whether it was good or not.

Exceptional Vendor List

There’s nothing worse than a bad vendor. That bad vendor can completely throw off your wedding day—either because they don’t show up, or because they show up and their work is subpar. To ensure you get exceptional vendors, research them thoroughly; look at reviews and make sure their work is good enough for you (consider asking friends who have been to weddings that used these vendors). Another reason to hire a wedding planner: planners usually have connections with a wider network of quality vendors.

Also, you need to hire vendors that you click with! This is especially true for me because I am the couples’ shadow on the wedding day. Also, hire vendors who know each other. Having vendors that all get along is sooooo much easier than having vendors that don’t. Ask your planner, or your photographer, or venue who they recommend for the smaller ticket items!

Stick to your budget!

Whether you’re a luxury couple with zero spending budget or your on a strict budget, keep in mind that yes, you are planning a big wedding and party to celebrate, but remember what this is truly about…you and your partner vowing to spend the rest of your lives together! No matter how big or how small your wedding is! What matters most is your love for each other and your commitment to one another forever.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Check out my other blogs and stay tuned for more!

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