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Happy weekend, wedding lovers 💕

Whew! What a wonderful wedding season, ahem summer, it’s been. Between traveling for styled shoots, designing gorgeous spaces for wedding editorials, bright and sunshine-y wedding days, and more — this wedding photography team has been busy! But as you can tell, what we’re busy with is a labor of love, and of course, all our days were filled with sparkles, magic, and celebration, so we’re pretty lucky. 

Now, as the summer light is just starting to think about giving way to a crisp, golden autumn here in the Southwest, we just have to take a moment to appreciate the transition. 

Luckily, we have the perfect wedding for this in-between place! Come and take a peek at one of the moments from this season that totally exemplifies all the sparkles, magic, and celebration that we experienced: Sarah + Tom’s outdoor wedding at a mountain ranch.

Sarah + Tomas, like all the wonderful couples we get to photograph and become friends with, have perfectly unique love story that we captured the culmination of during their sunny outdoor ceremony. 

The now-newlyweds first met and fell in love when the bride was photographing a crime scene. Now they’re both field cops! 

As avid lovers of all things spooky, their dark and moody details were brought to life in the idyllic countryside landscape that surrounded them. Adorable miniature skeletons topped their mouth-watering cake, but they didn’t hold a candle to the actual bride and groom, who were both adorned with contrasting white with jet-black details.

Tomas, complete with fresh-pressed black suspenders, waited patiently beneath a floral arch in the woods as Sarah glided down the mountainside in a traditional ballgown made unique with black lace appliqués. 

All the moody, subtle-underworld personalization of their wedding day was balanced with sweetness and light: the sun shining down, dozens of delectable treats, their sweet dogs of honor, bouquets of fresh lavender, and wildflower seeds for their guests to take home and plant. 

Sigh. Didn’t we say this was the perfect wedding for the transition from the white-hot heat of summer into fall’s spooky twilight?! 

So grab a warm cup of tea, blast the air conditioner, keep scrolling, and we’ll all pretend that fall starts tomorrow! 

Bridal gown: Bridal Elegance by Darlene 
Gown designer: Maggie Sottero
Suits: Suits Unlimited
Florals: Albuquerque Florist
Cake: Cake Fetish
HMU: Betty Rose by Alanna
Invitations: Zazzle

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