Real Wedding Editorials: It’s a thing now, and we love it

Wedding Editorial

Hello friends and fellow lovers! How are you on this fine Friday? Got anything fun planned for the weekend? How about a real wedding editorial shoot for you and your special someone?

Yes, you read that and this blog title right: real wedding editorial! And we know what you’re thinking — aren’t real weddings and editorials, like, two completely different things!? 

Well, thanks to COVID-19, engaged couples and their new-bff wedding photographers have been getting super creative this past year. So while the two events can differ wildly in shooting style, vibe, and what’s possible in the moment, they no longer need to be considered mutually exclusive!

(Yes, we’re thanking the global pandemic! We’re all about trying to find those silver linings — no matter how microscopic they are in the grand scheme of things.) 

Weddings, pre-pandemic, couldn’t really execute the ultra-sleek editorial look due to all the guests mingling, the beautiful moments happening in every corner all at once, and the fact the whole day passes by in a blur. 

Editorials, on the other hand, never quite grasped that genuine, candid, feel-good vibe that leaps off photos of two people in love. Models, deadlines, and navigating the schedules of a dozen creative people can suck the life out of a shoot really quickly, and it shows!

Don’t worry though, we’ve obviously got the perfect compromise for engaged couples who have to have the high-qual look of a perfectly curated shoot but don’t want to wrangle an entire creative team: REAL WEDDING EDITORIALS!

(And on the flip side — engaged couples in New Mexico & Colorado who are ready to tie the knot, want gorgeous photos to last a lifetime, but don’t want to deal with coordinating your whole family’s vaccinations and travel plans? This is for YOU, babe!) 

Really, we should just let these fairytale-esque photos of Amanda and Gavin in their pastel wonderland do the talking, but here’s a little backstory first. 

We met this insanely photogenic and wildly in-love couple waaaaay back in 2018. (Doesn’t 2018 feel like decades ago now?!) They were ready to start their new life together then, and thankfully, their enthusiasm for being married, being in love, and being together didn’t wane a bit — even when they had to move their wedding date not once, not twice, but several times. 

Thanks, COVID! (This one is sarcastic.) 

Settling on 2022, the new patron saints of patience, Amanda and Gavin, decided to update their engagement photos. Only this time, they put a fun twist on it by giving our favorite creative, Shayla, full styling permissions. 

Hence, the blissed and bloomed out editorial vibe of their new, magazine-worthy photos. Thus, the real wedding editorial was born — or born anew in Denver, at least!

With a grand installation from the internet’s new favorite florist, Blumenhaus Florals, this Colorado-based shoot basically fulfilled all of our wildest dreams and we are so excited to share it with you. So, without further adieu!

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