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Guess what, friends? We have a treat for you on this gorgeous #WeddingWednesday!

(It’s true we offer some decadent digital content to you, our readers, almost every week, but this one is special, we promise!)

If you’ve been hanging out with us here for a little while, you’ll know that lately we’ve been chatting about adventure elopements, micro-weddings, secluded engagements, and all the other COVID-friendly wedding things we can find. These intimate gatherings might be smaller than us wedding lovers & professionals are used to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch!

Engaged couples have been getting increasingly more innovative with the recent restrictions — from coordinated face masks to socially-distanced outdoor ceremonies. We’ve been in awe watching how our favorite lovebirds have managed to scale-down without sacrificing any quality, and it totally deserves to be shared.

With that being said though… Is it possible to scale-up your wedding, despite the global pandemic still ongoing?

We’re here to tell you that it is, believe it or not! And, honestly, the best way to do it is to schedule an engagement session with your favorite local wedding photographer.

Yes we might be biased, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t right, too!

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With an engagement session, not only do you get more photos, which is already a win, but you also get to prolong the fun parts of being engaged and planning a wedding. Gone (for now at least!) are the tedious hours spent designing 300+ seating charts, meeting with dozens of different wedding vendors, touring wedding venue after wedding venue, etc..

Now, with the time you save planning your intimate-yet-extravagant ceremony, you can have an engagement session! Which means you can put down your wedding-planning binder and, instead, start putting together your new favorite outfit, do some skincare self-care so you look your best, and plan out the perfect location with your soon-to-be-spouse.

We don’t know about you guys but that sounds WAY more fun to us!

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Plus, with this brand spankin’ new Engagement Guide from Shayla Cristine Photography, you can get all the tips & tricks you need for a flawless session for FREE.

Because we love you.

Snag your free Engagement Guide here, and drop us a line when you’re ready for your photoshoot with your boo!

(PS – stay tuned here on our blog for more styling tips for brides AND grooms, session checklists, and insider-info on what makes a great shoot!)

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