Westie + Tyler | Snowy New Mexico Engagement

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Happy #WeddingWednesday yet again, sweet friends!

Have you been staying warm? That New Mexico sunshine plays tricks sometimes, making us all think that Spring is right around the corner but, as this snowy-wonderland engagement session will soon prove, winter isn’t quite finished with us yet! 

And, honestly, thank goodness it’s not!

We’re definitely looking ahead toward warmer days, but there’s something undeniably magical about perfectly clean white snow, glistening on a quiet hillside. Although, to be fair, Westie + Tyler brought their own kind of magic to the mountains for this engagement session, so we could be totally biased. 

But who can even blame us! Westie’s perfectly coordinated, red-wine ensemble contrasted so spectacularly against the snow even the local deer had to come check out the couple’s shoot. (Eeep! It’s true, check it out in the photos below!)

Westie + Tyler, high school sweethearts, were aglow on their annual trip to Red River — you’d think they were born there! Their hearts belong in Oklahoma, actually, so we can’t keep them here in New Mexico forever.

But that’s part of why we’re so honored to have captured the beginning of their new chapter together, and in such a perfect setting, too! (Have we mentioned that our very own Shayla is soon to be married there, too?!) 

And yes, we still think Red River is perfect, even though on this engagement session….there was a bit of a snow mishap. (We’re sharing this with you because we’re friends, right?) Shayla was going for a creative shot — as she’s known for — and fell face and camera first into a 3-foot deep snow bank! 

But thankfully with the help of the couple and Westie’s mom, the day was saved and we have the following GORGEOUS photos to show for it. And that, plus Westie + Tyler’s phenomenal love story, is what really matters. 


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