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Is anyone else catching the travel bug now that New Mexico’s windy winter has settled in for the season? Ready to hop on a plane and jet off to wherever the flowers are blooming? We definitely are! 

And as a result, we can’t help but reminisce on the very first international wedding that the Shayla Cristine Photography team got to witness. Yes we travel! Didn’t you know? 

Well, don’t feel too badly, Jazmine didn’t know at first either. When she first met Shayla at a ABQ Wedding Expo, knowing she was a local wedding photographer, she asked delicately… Would we consider traveling to Curaçao? 

The answer? One thousand times yes, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know what you’re thinking, and yes to that, too — we would go anywhere in the world for one of our couples. It just happened to be by some gorgeous stroke of luck that the lovely Jazmine and Kel decided to get married in on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And on Shayla’s birthday, nonetheless!

Rivaled only by the stunning couples themselves, the beach that so graciously hosted the celebration stood warm and sunny as the love they share. With smiles as wide as the horizon behind them, the happy couple decide to choose each other in that moment, and for all the moments that would follow. 

A delicate wooden arbor anchored their ceremony spot on the beach, and framed the couple as they begin their picturesque new life. Bridesmaids in a bold, warm hues perfectly complemented the groomsmen’s sandy suits and good natured attitudes.

While it’d pretty hard to not be swept up in the beauty of the geographical space, the genuine excitement and love of all the people gathered there with them would have existed whether the wedding be on a beautiful beach, or tiny room in the courthouse. 

So, surrounded by the adventurous allure of the ocean, and the comforting support of their family and friends, Jazmine and Kel started their new voyage together in a way that perfectly represented the journey that brought them together. We hardly have words to express what an honor it was for Shayla to spend her birthday doing what she loves, for a couple in-love, in a place bursting at the seams with love. 

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