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Have you noticed the shift in light here in New Mexico? It’s true that wintery new year is upon us! Swap out your iced coffee for hot if you haven’t already — it’s time for glowing fires, cozy evenings, and the smell of wood burning in the early morning. 

But before we dive head first into a pile of snow though, we simply must revisit one of our favorite summer weddings of 2019

Toni and Sean, some of the cutest newlyweds we’ve ever seen, were married on a glorious day in the middle of the season. The beaming July sun matched the love behind their wedding vows — sparkling with something familiar and warm, yet totally brand new and alive. Plus, the beginning of their happily ever after was hosted by one of New Mexico’s very favorite country-style wedding venues, Southwest Event Center.

Don’t be so surprised though — with wide-open mesas, rolling brushwood, and small-town values extending outside the cities of New Mexico, where else can you get such a perfect country vogue vibe?! 

Outlined by the traditionally western architecture, the cowboy chic couple dressed every inch of their wedding day with personal touches from their unique love story. The most notable touch? For 3 days leading up to the wedding, the dedicated groom power-washed a cattle trailer. After the trusty old steed was sparkling clean, it served him and his groomsmen as the limo which transported them to the wedding! 

(And yes, it was just as cool as it sounds. We know, because Shayla Cristine Photography‘s second shooter Paul was along for the ride and witnessed every perfect moment! Catch the photo of him in the trailer over on our about page!!) 

Meanwhile, the bride and her bridesmaids enjoyed mimosas in custom glasses, wrapped in coordinated floral silk kimonos, and laughed as they basked in the love of the day and every memory which brought Toni and Sean together. 

With both sides of the bridal party in muted nudes to draw all eyes toward the stunning couple, a white floral backdrop, and peaks of blush in Toni’s bouquet that brought out the flush in her cheeks — every minuscule detail combined together to create something akin to magic. 

Then came the sparkler send-off which sent the couple floating towards their, of course, rockin’ reception. 

Thank you, Toni and Sean, for giving us a glimpse into your love story! Every second was spectacular, and every shot frame-worthy. 

Venue: Southwest Event Center

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