Shay is a Destination Wedding Photographer, capturing your everlasting love in a natural, romantic, and editorial style. Shay and her team shoot film & digital formats to be present in the moments they share with you, while also unobtrusively documenting real emotions happening throughout the day. Think of them as your own personal storytellers who are there to capture and tell the most epic love story!

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Your wedding day is the start of the one of the most important days of the rest of your lives together. Your photographs are one of the few tangible things you can look back on from that day. 


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I absolutely love what I do! Providing couples with memories that will last a lifetime is not something I take lightly! I have dedicated a great deal of my life to learning and perfecting my photography process. Each and every client is special to me and I genuinely am humbled when a couple chooses me to be apart of their wedding day! Most of my clients end up becoming my friends by the time their wedding arrives. I think the most amazing part of my profession is keeping up with my clients after their wedding and continuing to document all the milestones in their lives! 

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Engagement sessions are a fun and easy way to get to know each other quickly! I absolutely love engagement sessions because I not only get to meet you both and talk all about your wedding details, but I also get to know WHO you are, WHAT  your hopes and dreams are, WHERE you want to go in life! Learning about who you both are is so so important to me. It helps me understand who you are and where you came from, and are going! It helps me shape and tell your love story on your wedding day through curated wedding portraiture. Most couples who hire me for their wedding take advantage of the engagement session included in the collections because they too, want to know the W's of Me too! 

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For me, editorial fashion photography is just a step over the bridge from wedding photography. Both subjects go hand and hand when it comes to posing, lighting, composition. Whether my subject is a model who has modeled since she was 6 or couples who have never had professional photos taken of them, I strive to have each and every photo shoot achieve the vision it was created to be! Weddings and elopements/micro weddings are my specialty. They are my bread and butter and are what I have specialized in for 11 years. Over the past few years, I have delved deeper into fashion and editorial photography. It is what keeps me sane and my creativity alive! I try to do a few editorial shoots a year created exclusively from my vision. 

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Hiring a Photographer...

The process of selecting and hiring a photographer can be overwhelming!
There are so sooooo many of us!
But, keep in mind these key tips when choosing your best fit! 


All photographers have one thing in common... an ideal clientele! Likewise, you should also have an ideal look or style to look for as well as what qualities or characteristics do you like about the photographer(s) you are looking at and interviewing!


Experience! Maybe this should be the number 1 spot, but experience is everything! Experience is going to make the difference on your wedding day! Experienced photographers know how to 'run' a wedding day. They know how long misc things throughout the wedding day should run, they know where to go, who to talk to, so that you are not bothered by those details on your wedding day. We are there ultimately to do a job, and on the most important day of your life, you should want the best to be there!


Budget. Yes, yes, I know that everyone has a budget for photography, but before you assume that we are just expensive because we want to be...Let me let you in on a little secret: Most photographers who do wedding photography full time make enough money to pay their bills and maybe have a little extra on the side after all is said and done. As small business owners who have established businesses for several years we have a lot of expenses to pay. Not only that, but as I mentioned earlier, we have YEARS of experience! I have 11 years under my belt! ELEVEN! Most doctors that have that much experience under their belt are living the high life! Lol. Photography is a Luxury Service, and You will definitely get what you pay for! 

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